Can a smartwatch help you live a healthier lifestyle?

We all remember how amazing it was when smartphones first came out. Almost overnight, nearly every convenience of the Internet was with us wherever we went. Problems ranging from being stranded with a flat tire that you didn’t know how to change to simply being bored in a long line were now a thing of the past. Knowing just how much these little gadgets improved our lives, it’s crazy to think that things could get any better. And yet, somehow, they have—thanks to the introduction of the smartwatch. Because where a smartphone connected us to the magic of the Internet, smartwatches are helping us become more connected with something even more important: ourselves.

On the job 

For most of us, going to work means we’ll be sitting down for hours on end. And, no matter what it is that you’re doing, chances are you’ll end up zoning in on your task list (or maybe avoiding your task list) and forget to look up until your stomach starts to growl. While we all know this can lead to health hazards, it’s definitely a habit that can be hard to break. Bearing this in mind, makers of some smartwatches have created a feature that enables the device to be aware of when you’ve been sitting for too long, and remind you to get up and take care of whatever your body may need.

While asleep

As someone who has suffered from periodic insomnia throughout life, this smartwatch feature seemed like an absolute miracle. You just wear it to bed, and in the morning you can see a complete breakdown of your sleep cycle. The ability to record things like how long your REM sleep lasts, or how many times you wake up, is a wonderful aid in helping to identify what might be causing your poor sleep, and how to fix it. As for comfort, these watches are made to be worn while we’re doing everything from exercising to, yes, sleeping, so this is definitely something that was kept in mind during their creation. Just maybe avoid sleeping with your face on your hands if you’re a drooler.

Listen as Joe tries to convince a skeptical friend to give a smartwatch a try.

Keeping fit

Perhaps you’re looking to trim a little fat, or just maintain where you are now; regardless, smartwatches have a ton of tools that can get you where you want to be. While most have a function that will keep track of the calories you’ve burned in a day, others go so far as letting you set a weight-loss goal and telling you how much you need to move that day, too. This, coupled with other features like the pedometer and meal-planning apps, is super handy when it comes to reducing the challenges that keep many of us from achieving the healthy lifestyle we all really deserve.

Heart rate

One final feature of smartwatches that’s definitely worth mentioning is the heart-rate monitor. If you are someone who suffers from anxiety, this can be an invaluable tool in helping to identify potential triggers. But even if you’re not, being able to know what your normal levels are is the best way to catch any future anomalies that you may experience early.

Before, we needed all kinds of combinations of planners, calculators and even medical equipment to keep track of the things a smartwatch can. Sleep pattern, heart rate, distances traversed, calories burned—no matter what you do, or what your needs are, these nifty devices are a great way to understand and become a healthier you.