6 smart products for new parents

Today’s advances in technology can be lifesavers for new parents. From video baby monitors to Bluetooth pacifiers and smart home devices, there is no shortage of products designed to keep newborns happy, safe and healthy. Here’s a look at some of the best new tech for parents that you’ll want to consider adding to your baby registry as you prepare for parenthood:

1. Self-installing car seat

With four out of five car seats installed incorrectly, a self-installing car seat takes the guesswork out of installation thanks to built-in technology that automatically adjusts the level and tension for a perfect install. Since the car seat works with an app, the app continually monitors the safety status while it’s connected to the base, ensuring that your baby is always safe.

2. Smart changing pad

Once your baby is born, a smart changing pad can be used to monitor your little one’s growth. Some models do more than just track wet and dirty diapers and also serve as a digital scale. These products can ease communication between new parents and caregivers since the information provided is sent right to the app on your smartphone.

3. Wearable baby monitor

With so many wearables on the market to track our every move, it’s not surprising that there are wearable baby monitors for infants, too. These smart buttons attach to your baby’s clothes or are built into onesies and feature a collection of sensors that provide updates on their breathing, movement, heart rate and sleeping position directly to your smartphone. This can provide reassurance to new parents and eliminates the worry of waking sleeping newborns when sneaking in to watch their chest rise and fall.

4. Smart thermometer

Getting an accurate reading of a baby’s temperature just got easier thanks to baby thermometers that come in the form of pacifiers. These smart products eliminate the need to take temperatures the old-fashioned way and provide real-time information about your baby’s temperature, which is sent straight to the app on your smartphone. Some smart pacifiers also let you set up reminders for administering medicine. This can be especially helpful when a sick infant has kept mom and dad up all night and there’s a strong likelihood of forgetting the timing of the next dose.

 5. White noise machine

White noise machines have been around for a while, helping to improve the quality of sleep, but newer ones designed with babies in mind mimic sounds in the womb to provide restless infants with soothing noises that are familiar. Parents who need to travel with their infants can substitute white noise apps for the dedicated machine in the nursery to provide restful sleep even when on the go.

 6. Smart video baby monitor

Gone are the days of walkie-talkie-type baby monitors that provided listen-only capabilities in the room where the receiver sat. These days, smart baby monitors provide video feeds directly to our smartphones. Some systems feature the ability to talk to your baby through your smartphone and control other connected smart home devices like lights. If you’re looking for the ability to link multiple cameras so you can pull up feeds in different rooms of the house, consider a smart home security system. Smart video baby monitoring and home security systems let working parents peek in on their babies from work, and having more than one camera set up and connected to your phone can be especially useful as babies turn from newborns into fast crawlers who quickly make their way from room to room.

Becoming parents is an exciting step. There’s nothing quite like meeting your newborn for the first time! While nothing can fully prepare you for life when you come home from the hospital, today’s technology makes some aspects of parenting easier.