New York Comic Con 2015!

Let Protector-Girl and her Protector-Corns protect your stuff at this year’s New York Comic Con.

Flo’s passionate about protecting our customers and their vehicles.

So at this year’s New York Comic Con, Flo, er, Protector-Girl will be watching over every cosplayer and super fan with one purpose—helping each protect all that sweet, sweet swag.

Stop by Progressive’s booth in the North Concourse and store your precious loot in one of our free storage lockers (where you’ll also find acclaimed artist Liz Prince’s Protector-Girl comic, too!). And if your device is running low on juice, grab a free charging station to level up.

Protector-Girl also wants to insure your place in line (hey, even superheroes need a bathroom break from time to time).

Just Tweet #LineInsurance and Protector-Girl will dispatch one of her trusty Protector-Corns to save your place in line. Her loyal herd of (mostly) tame Protector-Corns may also entertain your line-mates with impromptu dance parties, trivia, prizes and more.

Protector-Girl’s got your back … cape or no cape. Let her help you protect your stuff, your place in line or both!

See you at the show!