Inside the minds of Millennials in IT

Check out what Progressive’s Kaitlin Marvin, a Progressive data analyst and Millennial, had to say about three key findings in our recent survey “Inside the Minds of Millennials in IT.”

1. Thinking outside the box–nearly half of respondents (42%) feel the insurance industry offers excellent opportunities in IT

As more companies amass more data (we have 14 billion miles of Snapshot data alone!), start-ups no longer corner the market on career paths in IT. The insurance industry is ripe with possibilities for you to play a direct role in maximizing the customer experience through data. During my almost three years here, I’ve always been encouraged to raise my hand and be on project teams that fall outside my scope of daily responsibilities. The end game? I leave the office everyday feeling really challenged and satisfied personally.

2. It’s not all about the $$$–nearly three in five (58%) would rather have a more flexible work arrangement

This stat sent me back in time to when I was purchasing a new house and my schedule was nuts! I was going back and forth to meet contractors, the moving company, etc. I felt really nervous about my odd hours, but my manager told me there are times when life takes over work and vice versa. Not feeling that additional stress was so empowering! My work was being recognized and I’d earned the trust of my manager.

3. Relocation–82% of respondents reported they would move an average of 611 miles

Progressive is headquartered just outside of Cleveland, Ohio and we’ve been enjoying a nice run of local and national stories showcasing everything from our “foodie” scene to the boom in white collar jobs in the region. The city’s orchestra and museums are some of the best in the country and when you compare cost of living with the New Yorks, Bostons and Chicagos of the world, Cleveland shines.